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What Home Can You Get For £300,000 in the UK?

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

We look at the cheapest and most expensive property areas in the UK and see what you can get for £300,000.

We based the choice of locations on the cheapest and most expensive places to by homes across the UK, the average house price per location can be seen below. We also take into the account the importance of the wage gap in the areas, that can have an impact on the property prices in the area.

Lowest Average House Price.

Nelson, Lancashire - £109,305
Accrington, Lanacashire - £115,660
Airdrie, North Lanarkshire - £129,824
Burnley, Lancashire - £124,814
Glenrothes, Fife - £131,994

Highest Average House Price.

Coombe, Kingston Upon Thames - £1,851,870
Richmond Upon Thames - £1,102,351
Mapesbury - £1,079,776
Keston - £986,104
Northwood - £912,365

All Taken From Zoopla House Price Data*

Nelson, Lancashire / Coombe, London

With the housing prices in Nelson averaging low, you can buy a new build state of the art 4-bedroom home, for an asking price of £300,000. Compared with Coombe, being one of the most expensive places to live in the UK, finding value close to £300,000 is tough, the lowest price of any type of property in the area is £425,000 for a 2-bed flat. Surprisingly while there is a massive difference between property prices, this is not shown in the wage gap, with only a £25 difference between the average weekly wage.

Average wage, Nelson - £551
Average wage, Coombe | Kingston Upon Thames - £576.90

Accrington, Lancashire/Richmond Upon Thames

For £299,950 in Accrington, Lancashire you can get a spacious 4 double bedrooms detached property with 2 bathrooms and 3 receptions rooms and a huge back garden. While in the Richmond area of London for £30,000 you get one a one-bedroom modern flat which has a area of 580 Sq Ft . With Richmond Upon Thames in a prominent area of South London, the difference in weekly wages is £154.50.

Average weekly wage | Accrington, Lancashire - £457
Average weekly wage | Richmond Upon Thames - £611.50

Airdrie, North Lanarkshire/ Mapesbury, London.

Airdrie is a small town based in the Scottish area of North Lanarkshire. For £244,995 you can expect a high class 4-bedroom home, with a massive dining room overlooking its huge garden area, with a quality fitted kitchen. The Mapesbury area of London can offer you a studio flat with one bathroom and a separate kitchen at £305,000. The divide in property prices is greatly shown in its wage gap with a £192 difference.

Average weekly wage | Airdrie, North Lanrkshire - £562.70
Average weekly wage | Mapesbury - £754.70


£300,000 can get you a lot in the town of Burnley if you want stunning views, a massive 4-bedroom detached property, double garage and a large balcony overlooking the spectacular Hollins Cross Farm. While in the area of Keston, the lowest available property to date is £555,000 which offers a 2-bed flat offering high-quality luxury living, while the wage gap between the two locations lies at £128.60

Average weekly wage | Keston - £580.80
Average weekly wage | Burnley - £452.20


Located in East-Central Scotland, a home in Glenrothes that’s priced at £299,950 allows you a 5-bed detached house offering a conservatory, two public dining, and family rooms, and double garage. The difference between Glenrothes and Northwood is striking, for £300,000 you can get a 1 one-bedroom terraced house in the London Borough of Northwood that does offer a private garden, double bedroom, and fitted kitchen. The difference in wages between the heartlands of Scotland and central London is surprisingly placed at £92.10

Average weekly wage | Glenrothes - £521.50
Average weekly wage | Hillingdon - £613.60
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