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Top 5 reasons why your home should be minimalist and how to do it.

Less maintenance.
Better Lighting.
More efficient.
Quality over quantity.

'Minimalist design is expressing the most essential and necessary elements of a product or subject, by getting rid of any excessive and therefore, unnecessary components and features'

We offer 5 reasons why your home should be a minimalist design and offer suggestions on how to do it.


There is emerging research that shows us that light, space, and the room layout affect our physical and psychological well-being, so it's important to be aware when deciding how your home will look to think how this spacing effect will my mind. A minimal home allows less clutter, less stress, clean colours and more room for windows.

More efficient

Having less means you have to do less. Less clutter and unwanted items mean you spend less time thinking about what you do with them, examples being buying cleaning products or worrying about updating the maintenance of an item.

Less maintenance

Cleaning can be one of the most tedious jobs of owning of having your own home, but keeping it maintained is of the most important jobs of being a homeowner. Having a minimal home takes away the need to clean objects, or to sweep or vacuum around a lot of furniture, the more you own, the more you will have to clean, obviously having empty rooms can be just as negative as a cluttered room but keeping a room to the basic needs can make cleaning far less stressful.

Better lighting

If a home has less furniture, this can mean more room for larger windows and in turn offers far more natural light than a traditional home, this can save on energy bills by not relying on electricity when its not needed and can also brighten up a room and bring out more features of the colours and clean furniture.

Quality over quantity

Having less can mean you can invest wisely in higher quality products, rather having several draws, you could invest in one set of high-quality draws that can offer more compactness for whatever suits your needs.

How to create a minimalist home?

1. Change your mindset about consumption- If you really want your home to become Minimal it starts with you, less is more and having the mindset that only essentials are needed helps a long way in creating a minimal design.

2. Declutter- Once you have the mindset you can start to work on making the home you want, and this is where decluttering comes in, making sure your storage areas, cabinets, and drawers are not full up of non-essential items and get rid of anything you feel doesn’t have a proper purpose.

3. Clean colours- A colour can make a home, so if you’re wanting to create a minimal design, the colour is majorly important. White and pastels colours, greens and blues are a great start and always include a pop of colour in every room that makes it stand out.

4. Simple Decoration and art- To stop a room from being completely boring, put some simple decorations and creative artwork that makes the room unique.

5. Clearer floors and surfaces- When creating a minimal home, this should be the first thing on your list. Clearing any unwanted cutter and storage on the floors and surfaces is the start to getting that minimal look.

6. Everything should have its place- This is the part to be the most logical about where you should store your items, it is key that everything you own should be in its own spot and stay there, this is key to maintaining the design you want because otherwise, this is how clutter starts and the work you’ve put into creating the look you want is gone. It is key that for whatever you own has its space and keeps it.

What’s your opinion on Minimal? is it a better approach than a traditional home, let us know your opinion about how you'd design your new home.

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