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Top 5 Interior Design Trends in 2019

We love building beautiful homes with modern interiors for our homes, we've been looking at what the top 5 trends for interior design will focus around in 2019.

  • Tropical Houseplants

  • Gemometric Patterns

  • Green and Mustard Yellow

  • Sustainability

  • Minimalism in the Kitchen

Tropical Houseplants

Adding even a small plant into your home provides a major pop of colour and can also offer wellbeing benefits by purifying the air, so why not go big? With the major stresses of working life and the constant growth of urban cities meaning city residents are short for space, having a large tropical houseplant can bring back that sense of nature that we so desperately miss.

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns have been a constant trend in interior design for some time now, due to the endless shapes and colour patterns you can create with geometric patterns are endless, prominently used within tiles and wallpapers, an interesting trend to look out for is geometric rugs that really make a room stand out.

Green and Mustard Yellow

In 2019 people want their homes to promote optimism and their love of nature and you can’t get more natural than the colour green. As we seek to protect our planet and do more in the fight against climate change, green is the perfect colour to show our commitment to a sustainable future. Trends are pointing towards darker shades of green that offer a sleek modern design.

Mustard Yellow is one of this year top interior trends, according to Visual search engine Pinterest which released their top 100 top trends for 2019. The colour showed an increase of 45% in searches, Mustard yellow can really accommodate a dark green or a large houseplant, so it will be interesting to see the trends come together in 2019.


Keeping with the movement of reconnecting with nature and environmental stability, sustainability is still a key trend in 2019. This trend focuses on using sustainable and natural fabrics in cushions and carpets while using biodegradable materials such as bamboo and metals in products like toothbrushes and straws. As consumers shift their interior and product design around sustainability and removing materials like plastic, we will see more innovation around sustainable products for interiors that accommodate the demand.

Minimalism in the Kitchen

A major focus on trends around Kitchens is keeping it simple and minimal, attention is drawn to saving as much space as possible. With an emphasis on keeping kitchens as clean and as polished as possible. Marble and glass furnishing are a key focus of minimalism in kitchens, with the use of storage walls and minimal hardware that keeps the clutter away and shows off a modern interior.

Kitchens are now becoming more smarter and agile, so it accommodates the needs of the homeowner want for space or lack of. Overall it will be interesting to see how the minimalism trend offers a new level of innovation.

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