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New Build Homes - Are they are better option?

A new-build home can be a hugely rewarding project for the homeowner and offers major cost reducing incentives. Although there are some Cons associated with buying a new build home (or any home at that) such as value, size and potential development delays there are plenty of pros.

Blank Canvas - Think of the new build home as a new shell with the buyer choosing their own new kitchens, bathrooms, and quality appliances. This means you don’t have to do the work yourselves at an extra cost.

Energy savings - All new build homes must comply with the latest safety regulations, this means that they will come with good quality insulation which keeps the heat in and bills down. A survey carried out by the Home Builders Federation shows that 80% of new build properties have the top A or B energy performance certificate rating, compared with just 2.2% of existing properties.

Warranty - Just like our residential properties, most new builds come with a 10-year warranty.

Designing - If agreed, the buyer can potentially choose how the fit out of the house will look and configure it to suit their taste. We currently offer this at our residential site, Hurst Lane in Rossendale.

Chain-free – Chain free means that the property is being sold by someone who doesn’t need to find a new home. This takes away extra stresses for the buyers and minimises any legal complications which could occur.

Incentives - Just like our property of the month, developers may include incentives such as reduction in price or covering the cost of certain decoration fittings.

High-End features - Top of the line new build homes are fitted with the latest in-home technology, including smart home features, all of this technology features are usually included in the price.

Government-backed schemes - The government offers several schemes for any new build properties, including help to buy and shared ownership, all designed to help first-time buyers.


Delays- With any new development there could be delays, that can come down to the #weather, lack of materials or shortage of workers. Too long a wait can also affect a mortgage offer so its important to find the right developer that has a good track record.

Snagging- This can cause further delays because it is the developer’s way of making sure every part of the new home is up to standard and every single issue is corrected, whether its issues with a carpet, tiles or a faulty door, the developer will want every issue fixed before the homeowner moves in.

Plan to live there long term - The mantel of ‘new home’ will lose its value after a certain period, meaning there could be a potential loss of value in its price, so it's important to know that this will be your home in the long term.

Buying a house is one of the biggest undertakings anyone can take so it’s important when setting out to buy a new-build home is to research, research and research. Carrying out a lot of viewings and researching will set you on the path to finding the perfect home for you.

ove building brand new homes where people can configure the space to suit their own personal style and taste, check out all our developments by visiting or call 0161 220 1999

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