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5 residential developments that we think are iconic.

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

At Crystal Homes we believe it is our duty to design and build houses that have a long-lasting effect on the community around them, so in today’s blog we look at residential developments that are iconic around the world and deserve the reputation they have.

Poljane Community Housing – Maribor, Slovenia,

Social housing is important to any economy, its value to a community is integral to local growth however compared to private housings design, architecture and overall value is dwarfed in comparison, so when we see social housing that is equivalent we must recognise it.

Set in central Europe Slovenia within its second largest city Maribor lies the Poljane Community Housing development, from the outlook it offers stunning metropolitan design with a creative use of orange balconies that really make the development stand out to anything else.

Designed by Slovenian studio Bevk Perovic, with limited exterior space the architects where able to create large community spaces on top of the buildings and we feel it has an iconic structure and design.

Sa Pobla Social Housing – Mallorca, Spain

The word Minimal design is more than just a marketing buzz, properties that offer real minimal professional design without having to do much to the structure or the colour are a site to behold. Sa Pobla in Mallorca not only offers that but also portrays the design of its culture. Designed by local studio Ripoll Tizon, Sa Pobla really is the definition of minimal design with an iconic white look and wooden covered portrait windows really shows off its iconic look.

The Ritz Carlton Residences - Miami Beach

The iconic brand so known for its hotels also dips into the luxury residential market with its luxury complex on Miami beach. This is not a development for anyone, with 111 luxury condos and 15 standalone villas designed by architect Piero Lissoni with the prices from $2 million reaching to the absurd $40 million, this is a place for the 1% and its beautifully designed complex really shows why that is.

One Tower Bridge- London

If you want iconic city views, one tower bridge is what you’re looking for. On the banks of the Thames offering uninterrupted spectacular views of central London offers five- star living space experience with a raft of retail and leisure opportunities for the residence, it really offers luxury living in London

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